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Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $25,000.00
Total Raised: $38,002.52

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 100
Members Recruited: 142

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The Popes are continuing our work with the Hydrocephalus Association (HA) to organize the 2nd Annual Greater Los Angeles WALK on Saturday, September 13 at the Hollywood Riviera in Redondo Beach. HA is a non-profit organization that provides support, education and advocacy for people whose lives have been touched by hydrocephalus and the professionals who work with them.

As you may know, our soon to be 2 year old son Charlie, along with 1 million others like him in the U.S., lives with hydrocephalus – a chronic neurological condition caused by excess fluid in the brain for which there is NO CURE. The only treatment is brain surgery, most often to implant a medical device called a shunt that allows for proper drainage of fluid and remains in the brain for life.

Charlie had a shunt inserted when he was 6 months old and has since had two additional corrective procedures to eliminate brain swelling, which is not unusual. Shunt implants have a 50% failure rate in the first two years and it is not uncommon for patients to have dozens of brain surgeries in their lifetime.

Today, Charlie is a healthy and happy little guy and we are so fortunate to see him grow and develop every day.
Unfortunately, we know most families aren't so lucky and the reality is that Charlie will likely need more surgeries down the road.

We need your help to raise awareness and funds for HA by WALKing with us. Last year, we were blown away by your generosity in what turned out to be the most attended and successful HA WALK in the country in just its first year! This year, with the help of the LA Kings and our Corporate Sponsors, we’re hoping to build on that momentum and create a groundswell of support in order to get the federal funding we need and deserve to find a cure for hydrocephalus.

Here is a clip from last year’s event:

Thank you all so much! We couldn't do it without you!

Love, Matt, Jen, Charlie, Larry and Lina

Team Members:
Total Raised$38,002.52  
General Team Donation$3,550.00  
Jennifer Pope$12,397.00  
   Tara Aguilar$50.00  
   Michael Altieri$100.00  
   erin andrews$245.00  
   Kimi Applegate$200.00  
   Bobak Azamian$0.00  
   Sean Backman$100.00  
   Michelle Baker$50.00  
   Nick Baker$0.00  
   Sarah Bangs$100.00  
   heather bardocz$490.00  
   Linda Barnes$100.00  
   Blair Bartlett$25.00  
   Kaitlyn Beale$50.00  
   Christina Bettendorf$100.00  
   Alicia Briones$20.00  
   dustin brown$0.00  
   Nicole Brown$500.00  
   Taylore Bryce$250.00  
   Tricia Buchanan$100.00  
   Danielle Caldwell$50.00  
   david campagnolo$50.00  
   Megan Carter$550.00  
   James Cefaly$100.00  
   Erin Charlupski$100.00  
   Kyle, Paige, Brody Clifford$220.00  
   Jolee Cochran$75.00  
   Kassie Cochran$50.00  
   Kathryn Cochran$75.00  
   Kylee Cochran$75.00  
   Kristin Conte$1,655.00  
   Adam Cracknell$0.00  
   Gina DiCorpo$100.00  
   JOHN DICORPO$100.00  
   Chris and Giovanna Diiorio$100.00  
   Mason Donley$100.00  
   Bridget Doyle$50.00  
   Kristy Elaine$50.00  
   Courtney Fischer$0.00  
   Mimi Fischer$100.00  
   Andrew Fisher$0.00  
   Evan Flagg$10.00  
   Greg Flaherty$100.00  
   Jim Fox$200.00  
   raquel gallegos$50.00  
   amanda ganis$50.00  
   Anthony Ganis$50.00  
   Mary Ganis$1,000.00  
   Stuart Ganis$50.00  
   Carla Garcia$100.00  
   Larry Goldman$50.00  
   Ashley Gomez$50.00  
   Alyssa Greene$0.00  
   Liberty Hanson$50.00  
   Chris Hayre$100.00  
   stephanie hazell$350.00  
   Andrew Honig$131.00  
   Christian Howard$100.00  
   Larisa Hull$25.00  
   Michelle Jaeger$210.00  
   Erika Kaestle$100.00  
   Deborah Kanner$80.00  
   Evan Katz$150.00  
   John Keenan$50.00  
   Kristen Keenan$50.00  
   Lauren King$500.00  
   kristin klein$100.00  
   Todd Kline$100.00  
   Karen Kroop$0.00  
   Cristina Kunz$0.00  
   Lani . Tami Kurian$100.00  
   Andy Lassner$800.00  
   Ethan Lassner$0.00  
   Lorie Lassner$0.00  
   Ryan Lassner$0.00  
   Dawn Lombardi$75.00  
   Ana Lopez$0.00  
   JASON & JULIE loves CHARLIE$200.00  
   Ali Malone$200.00  
   Alec Martinez$200.00  
   Clay Matthews$2,624.00  
   Jason McDevitt$100.00  
   Nam McGrail$1,025.52  
   Kelsey Mellman$100.00  
   Stephanie Mitchell$50.00  
   Sean & Carly Morgan$100.00  
   Ryan Morse$25.00  
   Gaetan Mousseau$100.00  
   Lisa Mucci$50.00  
   Brian Niehaus$100.00  
   Cassandra Niehaus$0.00  
   Jordan & Laura Nolan$200.00  
   Robert O'Keefe$0.00  
   Sienna Odonnell$300.00  
   Tootie Ouellette$170.00  
   Jason Palagi$10.00  
   Lisa and Adam Palmer$50.00  
   Tara Pancoast$25.00  
   Allison Payne$50.00  
   Jane Payne$50.00  
   Lydia Payne$50.00  
   Rob and Jolee Philpott$850.00  
   Sam Phipps$500.00  
   Lindsey Plummer$75.00  
   Adam Pogach$50.00  
   alyce pope$0.00  
   Chuck Pope$100.00  
   David pope$0.00  
   Matt Pope$640.00  
   shiela pope$0.00  
   Susan Pope$100.00  
   Teddy Purcell$30.00  
   Jaclyn Quick$500.00  
   Kristina Regehr$250.00  
   Tina Rizzuto$100.00  
   Ron Rockoff$125.00  
   mark rogers$50.00  
   Jon Rosen$50.00  
   Howard and Rachel Rosenzweig$200.00  
   Carola Ross$260.00  
   Michael Roth$250.00  
   Jonah Saken$50.00  
   Noah . Sophia . Jonah Saken$100.00  
   Maria Sarkisyan$0.00  
   howard schencker$100.00  
   sarah schencker$100.00  
   Brian Secaida$50.00  
   Stephanie Seiffert$20.00  
   Justin Sewell$0.00  
   kehly sloane$100.00  
   Sammy Steinlight$20.00  
   jarret stoll$175.00  
   Michaelyn Straub$0.00  
   tessa straub$0.00  
   Michelle Suyat$50.00  
   Alicia Tennenbaum$50.00  
   Charlie Turano$100.00  
   Christopher Wallace$0.00  
   Jean Wallace$25.00  
   scott wessels$100.00  
   Ron West$100.00  
   Cassie Zebisch$145.00  

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